• Tandoori on Wheels

    Tandoori on Wheels

    Srihari manufactures the best Tandoori machine at the highest quality. The Tandoori machine uses Gas for flamming up the baking food items. The tandoor oven attains its high temperature within a short time. The food items do not stick more rigidly in the oven surface and the food handles are provided. The foods are perfectly baked and the clay used in the oven are of high quality, The oven is used in Hotels, Restaurants and other cafeterias.


    Chef HatTop SS or granite

    Chef HatSS 304 material

    Chef HatQuality clay pot

    Chef HatCharcoal / gas model

    Chef HatWheels with brake


    Chef HatCan be used for making Roti/Chicken

    Chef HatGlasswool Insulation

    Chef HatEasy to move

    Chef HatSplash back option


    650 x 650 x 850 MM 700 x 700 x 850 MM
    750 x 750 x 850 MM 900 x 900 x 850 MM