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Srihari Kitchen Equipments is the most reputed Kitchen Steam Equipment Manufacturers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Our Steam Cooking Appliances outperform other available brands in the industry. Srihari earned the trust of customers in the market by increasing the customers’ ROI within a short period of time. Steam cooking ensures safe, hygienic cooking, and it significantly relies on the material used in the fabrication of equipment. Steam Equipment from Srihari is manufactured with the finest grade of raw materials enriching healthy cooking. Our Commercial Kitchen Steam Appliances are catered into vertical segments starting from catering to cuisine restaurants.

Srihari has created its maximum customer base holding loyal customers. Delighting the eaters starts from the kitchen, the cooking process and mainly, cooking equipment. Our customers have won the hearts of their walk-in eaters by preparing the foods with Srihari’s Steam Equipment. Our steam appliances are designed and manufactured in an unparalleled way enhancing the cooking experience and capacity in preparing the dishes. Seamless and consistent functioning and performance of our kitchen appliances, we are rated as the Best Kitchen Steam Cooking Equipment Manufacturers in the industry.

Srihari’s Kitchen Steam Cooking Equipment have established a strong foothold in the market. The excellence of our Commercial Kitchen Equipment is attributed to our manufacturing methods and techniques. Our team of experts source the materials from reliable Suppliers and Vendors. Each and every stage of the manufacturing process has proceeded following stringent testing to assure the equipment is defect free. Starting nuts & bolts to the materials that contribute to the manufacturing of a complete single unit and are chosen to add value to the finished product and to the cooking process.

The hygienic cooking process is a primary concern of most chefs and food industrialists. Srihari significantly fulfils the demand for hygienic and pure cooking. The inner layer of the kitchen appliance has direct contact with the foods to be prepared. We ensure it is made of food-grade materials. Typically, when a steel material and foods are in contact, there will be a possibility of rust formation in the long run when used continuously. Therefore impacting the quality of food prepared with the appliance. Srihari assures the Stainless Steel Steam Equipment does not develop or result in deterioration. This is one of the sole reasons behind the preference for Srihari Kitchen Equipment by Restaurants and Hotels.

Steam Boiler is the base Cooking Equipment for steam production which is used in the preparation of foods. Srihari’s Commercial Steam Boiler produces the requisite steam for a complete cooking operation. The capacity of the boiler from Srihari outperforms the competitors by a huge margin. Our customers have the advantage of having control over operational efficiency. As the cooking process takes place in 3/4th of a day, the demand for continuous steam generation is fulfilled by Srihari’s Steam Equipment.

Idly Plant, Rice Vessel, Dhal Vessel, Milk Vessel, and Steam Kettle majorly cooks the food with the aid of steam. Srihari’s Steam Boiler is highly efficient in delivering steam to cook/prepare foods in a controlled manner. Our Commercial Steam Equipment is designed and manufactured, holistically, ensuring the Commercial Kitchen Boiler is competent to function with the advanced cooking technology that is about to be practised in the coming future.

Checkpoints and controllers are featured in our boiler to enable better control over the steam delivered to the Idly plant, rice vessel, dhal vessel, milk vessel, and steam kettle connected to the boiler. The equipment is manufactured with rugged steel materials withstanding the varying high temperatures, wear and tear. Safety measures are featured in Srihari’s Steam Cooking Equipment, ensuring that our Commercial Kitchen Appliances are safe to operate and cook.

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