A Commercial Kitchen Trolley is an add-on appliance influencing the hospitality rating of a Hotel/Restaurant. Srihari is one of the leading Commercial Kitchen Trolley Manufacturers & Suppliers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Stainless Steel Kitchen Trolleys are preferred due to their functionality, which benefits the customer. Hotels, Restaurants, Catering services, and hostels greatly depend on the trolleys. Trolleys are considered to be crucial secondary equipment. We manufacture SS Kitchen Trolley at the highest quality, outperforming the other available brands. Srihari incorporates the best-grade wheels in the trolleys. Wheels influence the reliability of a kitchen trolley. Our commercial kitchen equipment adds value to our customers for their investment with our quality offerings. We have been the go-to manufacturers for fulfilling the requirements of Stainless Steel Trolley.

Design and fabrication style are the key elements a customer highly looks for. Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Trolley is fabricated to meet the customers’ demand for design perfection. The Kitchen Street Car is engineered, keeping the restaurant and hotel kitchen layout in mind. Our Commercial Trolleys are easy to use and move within the kitchen space without any hurdles. The Trolleys for Hotels are aesthetically designed to match the kitchen space. The glossy outer surface of the Kitchen Trolley we manufacture assists our customers in preferring our product over others. Capacity is a fundamental requirement that influences the customer’s buying decision. Srihari Manufactures Commercial Restaurant Trolley in various capacities to meet customers’ demands. The design and dimensions of the utensils do not bother hotels and restaurants, as Trolley ideally occupy the required kitchen utensils.

The load-bearing capacity of trolleys defines the durability and reliability featured in them. Srihari’s Commercial Kitchen Trolleys are manufactured with the required load-bearing capacity. Food stored in the containers can be cold or hot. The significant advantage of preferring Srihari’s Trolley for Restaurants is the materials utilized in the fabrication withstand the varying food storage temperatures. In addition, the food container temperature does not affect the trolley functions. We prefer rugged stainless steel sheets for laying the surface base of the food trolley. The change in loads does not result in deformations. The quality of the trolley wheels we equip delivers its wheeling function irrespective of the trolley loaded with food container volumes. People prefer our Commercial Kitchen Trolley as it allows the user to move it more easily. Generally, maintenance occurs on the wheel part & food street car incurs low maintenance.

Food Street cars for Restaurants/Hotels are provisioned with durable handles. The handling bar has stronger connections, withstanding the daily wear and tear. The trolley handles are welded to perfection. Srihari Manufactures a Clearing Trolley, Service Trolley, Masala trolley, Platform Trolley, Multipurpose Trolley, and Bakery Trolley of the finest quality. The SS we prefer is highly corrosion-resistant. Hence, rust formation is highly restricted when the spilt food or beverage reacts with the Commercial Food Trolley for Hotels and Restaurants. Typically, the foods tend to overflow from the container during trolley movement. Cleaning activities are a concern of most customers. Srihari’s Kitchen Food Trolley is designed and fabricated for easy cleaning and maintenance. Our food trolley are exclusively engineered for hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. Hence, our product assists our customers in increasing their productivity to the maximum extent possible.

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