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Srihari Kitchen Equipments is one of the leading Commercial Microwave Oven Manufacturers in the industry. Combi Ovens are the pivotal cooking equipment of Restaurants and Hotels. We design and manufacture Commercial Oven that enhances cooking operations and experience, efficiently. Srihari’s Baking Oven is the first choice for chefs and cooks, as the food machinery delivers versatile functions. Our Commercial Microwave Oven outperformed the expectations of our customers. The preparation of modern foods and foods of its new kind greatly involves the usage of Commercial Oven as the basic cooking equipment in hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. The Microwave Ovens are now ruling the food chain industry for their multipurpose function of preparing, heating, baking, and cooking foods. Srihari’s Commercial Microwave Oven topped in delivering the most demanding cooking operations and functions.

The cooking operational efficiency is determined by the function of each cooking appliance in the cooking line. Srihari’s Commercial Microwave Oven significantly optimizes and uplifts the cooking line efficiency. In today’s Commercial Kitchen layout, Baking and Combi Oven are recalled as the heart of the cooking process as most of the cooking process has a dependency on ovens. Restaurants and Hotels are in the position to gratify their walk-ins by timely cooking and serving delicious foods. Srihari’s Commercial Microwave Oven is designed and manufactured with result-proven cooking features to assist our customers in gratifying their demands on cooking line efficiency and improves the cooking process, holistically. Our Combi Oven is suitable to operate hand-in-hand with other cooking appliances and preparation processes.

Srihari’s Commercial Baking Oven enables greater control over the cooking process. Unlike other cooking appliances, ovens occupy a special place in the kitchen layout. The need for preparing food at the requisite temperature consistently becomes a greater challenge for chefs and cooks. Our Baking Oven for Bakeries is engineered with the best features assisting our customers to prepare the foods at the defined cooking temperature and preparation process. Our Food Machinery is incorporated to maintain precise temperatures constantly throughout the process thereby phasing out the chances of over-cooked or uncooked foods. It is very important to keep up the temperature in cooking cuisine foods. Srihari’s Commercial Oven greatly assists our customers in preparing cuisine foods that rely on consistent and constant cooking temperatures, with the integration of advanced technology to maintain the temperature without any rise or dip. Srihari aids our customers to prepare and deliver quality foods to their eaters.

Size, performance, design, and associated secondary elements of a Microwave Oven are the primary concerns of restaurants and hotels. Srihari’s Commercial Baking Oven gratifies our customers' concerns with its prime features. The technical specifications of our Combi Oven facilitate the preparation of steaming vegetables, meats, seafood, and baked foods. The size and capacity of Srihari’s Commercial Oven greatly fit in the available kitchen layout. The oven is engineered with shelves to accommodate the cooking pans. Srihari’s Commercial Microwave Ovens are engineered with user-friendly and safety-handling features. The design of our Commercial Food-Making Machinery saves the time of chefs with simple operating procedures.

Srihari designs and manufactures commercial food making machines such as Cookwok, Automatic Chappathi Cooking Machines, and Semi-Automatic Chappathi Cooking Machines. Our Food Machinery increases ROI for our customers through its efficient cooking operations. Parallelly, the commercial kitchen appliance from Srihari supports our customers in streamlining the cooking line and enhancing the preparation process with enriched food preps. Our stringent policies starting from the preference materials to the fabrication of the end product assisted our customers in preparing and deliver quality foods. Each and every component inbuilt into Srihari’s Commercial Food Making Machinery is made of food-grade materials; therefore, hygienic food preparation is assured. Our Commercial Kitchen Equipment enables easy cleaning, low maintenance, and lower operating costs. Srihari is integrated with a special team of experts to support our customers in aftersales and periodic maintenance of Commercial Combi Ovens, Baking Ovens, Cookwok, Automatic Chappathi Cooking Machines, and Semi-Automatic Chappathi Cooking Machines.

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