• Bulk Cooking Range

    Bulk Cooking Range

    Bulk Cooking Range of the Gas Cooking equipment is suitable for preparing high volume food items. The gas range is made of 3 burners in a single range which makes the food vessels attain their temperature within a short time period. The stove boils a large quantity of foods at 3x faster time than a normal gas burner. The flames can be controlled by the pilot. The product is suitable for Large crowd gatherings and big events.


    Chef HatSS 304 material

    Chef HatTop heavy L angle frame

    Chef HatCast iron ring

    Chef HatHigh pressure burner/multiple burners

    Chef HatGas control valve


    Chef HatAdjustable nylon boots

    Chef HatPilot burner option

    Chef HatDrip tray option

    Chef HatEasy installation

    Chef HatEasy to use


    Capacity750 x 750 x 350 MM , 900 x 900 x 450 MM