• Shawarma Griller

    Srihari manufactures the best griller machine at the best price in the market. The chicken shawarma machine has a strong rod that can hold the entire weight of the meat. The flames in the machine are produced by gas through the inlets. The controllers are provided to control the flames in the individual layers of gas inlets. The machines achieve the desired temperature within the shortest time. The materials used in the shawarma machine withstand high temperatures and the machine is easy to clean the strains that are made during the cooking time. The machine is suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Standalone shops, Canteens and Cafeteria.


    Chef HatSS 202/304 material

    Chef HatGas model

    Chef HatVapa burner

    Chef HatStand alone unit

    Chef HatWith side rack


    Chef HatSingle / Double burner

    Chef HatDrawer / Cabinet for store

    Chef HatEasy to move

    Chef HatStand alone unit

    Chef HatWith side rack