• Chinese Cooking Range

    Chinese Gas Cooking Range speeds up the cooking time and the foods are served to the customer in a short period of time. The burners of the Chinese range heats the vessels at 3x times compared to other gas stoves. The efficient use of gas is made though the flames are so high. The cooking range is free from corrosion and rust formation. The materials used in the Chinese range makes the cleaning process so easier. Good grade stainless steel is used in the cooking range. Highly suitable for instant cooking restaurants, hotels and buffet restaurants & events.


    Chef HatSS 304 material

    Chef HatTop heavy L angle frame

    Chef HatWok ring

    Chef HatCenter stockpot range

    Chef HatHigh pressure burner

    Chef HatHigh splash back

    Chef HatWaste food water drain at backside

    Chef HatWater cooling method


    Chef HatUseful to cook chinese menu

    Chef HatPilot burner option

    Chef HatDrip tray option

    Chef HatEasy installation

    Chef HatEasy to use

    Chef HatAdjustable nylon boots


    Two burner1200 x 750 x 750 + 450 MM
    Three burner with stock pot 1500 x 750 x 750 + 450 MM
    Three burner with indian1800 x 750 x 750 + 450 MM
    Two burner with stock pot and sink 2250 x 750 x 750 + 450 MM