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Welcome to Srihari Kitchen Equipments, as one of the leading Bakery Equipment Manufacturers. We are proud to offer a full line of superiorly constructed machines and accessory products to cater to a myriad of needs within bakeries, hotels, canteens, and other food service establishments. Located within the industrial hub of Coimbatore, as the leading bakery equipment suppliers we specialize in giving total kitchen solutions inclusive of designing, consultancy, and layout planning with full technical details for turnkey projects or standalone products.

Srihari Kitchen Top Bakery Equipment Manufacturers we realize that the kitchens of commercial setups place a high value on both reliability and efficiency. Our modern bakery equipments is designed to optimize productivity while ensuring peak quality output for every kind of bake. Browse through our wide range of products that meet every dimension of bakery functioning:

Rotary Oven:These are just Bakery Ovens for bulk production, and our machines assure suitable heat circulation with productive baking cycles to promise perfect results.

Deck Oven: Our deck ovens are workhorses, extremely suited for varieties of products, from the freshest bread to home-style biscuits.

Convection Oven:Continuous baking goes on with our convection ovens known for continuous and consistent baking with perfect energy efficiency, making it convenient for every type of bakery.

Spiral Mixer: Chosen without any doubt in any bakery for the art of dough making due to minimal oxidation, it ensures quality in every dough.

Planetary Mixer: Our planetary mixer is a bakery machine that is versatile, sturdy, and used for a gamut of mixing from dough to cream with much ease.

Dough Sheeter: Our dough sheeter machines make it quite easy for dough-flattening work to be done in a jiffy, incorporating uniform thickness and texture for pastries and pizzas.

Bread Slicer: Engineered with precision to deliver uniform slices, our bread slicers are needed critically for bakeries.

Commercial Pizza Oven: This oven bakery is ideally built for baking pizzas, our commercial bakers' ovens give high temperatures and uniform heat distribution.

Pizza Dough Roller: Employ our pizza dough rollers for an easy and quick pizza base process. The evenly designed rolling pin guarantees uniform thickness.

Panini Grill: Embellish your kitchen with a choice from our range of panini grills. Our grills have a double-sided contact plate for easy operation and even grilling.

Pastry Display Cabinet: Display your products in our stylishly designed pastry display cabinets. Our cabinets are provided with a controlled environment of temperature and humidity to keep products fresh.

Why Srihari Kitchen Equipments?

Quality and Innovation: Our commitment towards quality and innovation is visible in every piece of equipment we manufacture. We use the best raw materials and advanced technology to ensure that our products are of high grade quality and durable for Commercial Oven for Bakers.

Customized Solutions: We understand that no two bakeries are the same. That is why we provide standardized/customized solutions to better suit your requirements. Be it a full- fledged kitchen set up for a bakery or individual pieces of equipment, we have the wherewithal to make it happen.

Efficient Design: The equipment designed by us is with the thought of making the operations efficient. Compact design elements ensure that our machines fit into any kitchen layout. Advanced features of the equipment help to cut operating costs and enhance productivity.

Expert Support:Our team of experts will always be there with you right from consultation to commissioning and further. Proper training and hand-holding shall be given to ensure the best output from your investment.

Competitive Pricing:Our prices are the most competitive in the industry. Get the best value for your money without compromising on quality.

Make your bakery into something great with Srihari Kitchen Equipments. At Srihari Kitchen Equipments, we are bent on helping you shape the perfect baking environment. With the widest range of commercial bakery equipment in today's modern commercial kitchen, we can get you some commercial kitchen equipment that is going to light up your bakery.

Being one of the leading commercial bakery equipment manufacturers, our team is capable of planning and executing projects right from the scratch or giving advice on the renovation of existing lines. Browse the inventory of our commercial bakery equipment and find out why Srihari Kitchen Equipments is the best-in-class supplier for bakery tools and equipment in the country. Trust us to bring you the finest, most innovative bakery solutions on the market today.

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