• all in one tray dehydrators/dryers

    All in One Tray Dehydrators/Dryers

    Model: LGT-25

    We are the most trusted manufacturer of Tray Dryers and Dehydrators. The Commercial Tray Dryers deliver versatile performance. The equipment incurs low operating costs and it warms the trays within a short period of time. The Dehydrator Machine is manufactured to retain the nutrients and extract the moisture present in the foods. The kitchen equipment maintains the optimum temperature to keep the dehydrated foods fresh all the time. Level adjustments are featured with the Commercial Tray Dryer to satisfy the varying customer requirements.


    Chef HatAccurate temperature control

    Chef HatEnergy saving, Even heating

    Chef Hat70%* Cheaper than any other sources of heating

    Chef HatNo Toxic gases

    Chef Hat12 months Warranty

    Chef HatAfter sales service provided on site


    Chef HatDehydrating of Nuts

    Chef Hat Fruits

    Chef HatGrains

    Chef HatCereals


    Voltage220V, 50Hz
    Min Temp15°C
    Max Temp75°C