• Induction Bret Pan

    Induction Bret Pan

    Model: LT-BP

    We manufacture Induction Bratt Pan, available at the best market price. The commercial Bratt Pan delivers versatile cooking operations. The kitchen equipment incurs low operating costs and it attains the desired temperature within a short period of time. The Tilting Induction Bratt Pan is made of high-quality food-grade materials. Various adjustments are featured to make the cooking process efficient. The equipment is completely shock-free and it is safe to use all the time.


    Chef HatAccurate temperature control

    Chef HatEnergy saving, Even heating

    Chef Hat40%* Cheaper than LPG, Electric Resistant Coil

    Chef HatNo Toxic gases

    Chef HatCool & Flame free Kitchen Solution

    Chef Hat90%* Efficiency

    Chef Hat12 months Warranty

    Chef HatAfter sales service provided on site


    Chef Hat Rice

    Chef HatSambar

    Chef HatRasam

    Chef HatGravies

    Product Details

    Holding Capacity80 to 300 litres
    Power8kw to 32kw
    Voltage 220V / 415V, 50Hz
    Min Temp45°C
    Max Temp240°C