• Induction Idly Steamer

    Induction Idly Steamer

    Model: LT-IP

    Srihari is one of the manufacturers of Electric Idli Steamer in the market. We deliver the best quality and defect-free Induction Idli Cooker at the best economical price. The Induction Base Idli Cooker is designed for greater cooking efficiency and it is completely safe to use. The Commercial Induction Idli Steamer is electric-proof and it incurs low operating costs. The idly Steaming Equipment has reduced cooking time compared to other conventional equipment.


    Chef HatAccurate temperature control

    Chef HatEnergy saving, Even heating

    Chef Hat40%* Cheaper than LPG, Electric Resistant Coil

    Chef HatNo Toxic gases

    Chef HatCool & Flame free Kitchen Solution

    Chef Hat90%* Efficiency

    Chef Hat12 months Warranty

    Chef HatAfter sales service provided on site


    Chef HatIdli

    Chef HatMomo

    Chef HatDhokla

    Product Details

    Idly Per Batch60 to 200 Idly
    Power8kw to 32kw
    Voltage 220V / 415V, 50Hz
    Min Temp45°C