• Bainmarie - GN

    Bainmarie - GN

    We are the leading manufacturer of Bainmarie in the market with the best quality. Bainmarie GN is rectangular in shape and uses water to maintain the temperature of the cooked foods. The heater is installed in the bainmarie machine to heats the water to form into steam. The number of individual containers in the kitchen equipment depends on the size and capacity. The machine helps you to serve hot and fresh food anytime. Good grade materials are used to manufacture the equipment. The machine is suitable for Hotels, Mess, Canteens and Event Gatherings.


    Chef HatTop 304 grade 1.5 mm thickness sheet

    Chef HatTank 304 grade 1.2 mm thickness sheet

    Chef HatElectrical thermostat heater

    Chef HatOption – undershelf and overheadshelf and covering

    Chef HatGas / steam model available


    Chef HatHot food can be served at anytime


    Capacity36” x 27” x 33” – 4 gn ½, 48” x 27” x 33” - 6 gn ½,
    60” x 27” x 33” – 8 gn ½, 72” x 27” x 33” – 10 gn ½,
    84” x 27” x 33” – 12 gn ½