• Undercounter Dishwasher

    Undercounter Dishwasher

    Srihari deals and supplies the top branded undercounter dishwashers of Indian and Imported products. The Undercounters have longer shelf life compared to other brands. Our team has experts in dealing with the works of servicing and maintaining the issues that evolve in the kitchen dishwasher machine. The dishwashers use less water and the kitchen articles are free from stains. The dishwasher is perfectly suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeteria and Bars.


    Chef HatAvailable indian / imported branded machine

    Chef HatSuitable for space constraint kitchen

    Chef HatUseful for Coffee shop / Restaurant / Bars

    Chef HatGlass / Plates / Cutleries

    Chef HatLess water consumption

    Chef HatSingle phase / Three phase machine