• Milk Vessel

    Milk Vessel

    The Kitchen Milk Vessels make use of steam as the core for boiling the milk. The micro-organisms in the milk are completely destroyed at the time of steam boiling. The high-pressure steam is injected into the milk vessel to boil milk. The commercial milk vessel boils the milk within a short time period and makes it consumable with 100% safe. The vessels maintain the same temperature over a long time period. The drain valve is provided at the vessel to eject the processed water.


    Chef hatBuilt in SS 304

    Chef hatDouble Jacketted

    Chef hatIndirect Steam Injection

    Chef hatAir Tight Lid


    Chef hatTilting Method

    Chef hatEasy to Clean

    Chef hatBoiling Time 30-40 Mins

    Chef hatLow Running Cost


    25 LTR 400 MM
    50 LTR 430 MM
    75 LTR 480 MM
    100 LTR 500 MM
    125 LTR 530 MM