• Plate Racks

    Plate Racks

    Plate racks are made to hold the individual plates for a long period of time. The plates can be easily taken and placed in the racks by the user. The height between the racks is fixed at the right space to have easy access. The racks are highly corrosion resistant and the racks are made of good grade materials. The racks give the plate to expose external air to remove the odour.


    Chef HatHorizontal section 25 MM pipes with 6 MM rods

    Chef HatBottom drain shelf

    Chef HatLegs 32 MM pipes

    Chef HatWheels with break option


    Chef Hat3 Tier Rack

    Chef Hat4 Tier Rack


    36” x 15” x 60” – 900 x 375 x 1500 mm
    48” x 15” x 60” – 1200 x 375 x 1500 mm
    60” x 15” x 60” – 1500 x 375 x 1500 mm
    72” x 15” x 60” – 1800 x 375 x 1500 mm
    Customized size model available