• Deep Fryer

    Deep Fryer

    Srihari is the best dealer in supplying the top branded Deep Fryer machines at the best price. We have the best team to support post-sales services. The deep fryer machine has higher product life and the desired boiling temperature of the oil is attained within the shortest time. The Deep Fryers handles are free from high heat and it is the best choice to prepare the food items like french fries, crisped chicken and other fried food items. The Fryer is readily available for on-spot purchase.


    Electric Deep FryerGas Deep Fryer
    4 LTR Single / Double8 LTR Single / Double
    8 LTR Single / Double10 LTR Single / Double
    16 LTR Single16 LTR Standing Model
    18 LTR Single25 LTR Standing Model
    25 LTR Single