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Aug 2023

How to Select the Commercial Steam Kitchen Equipment for Restaurant

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  • 31/4/2021

Steam kitchen equipment is a primary appliance in the kitchen industry. Steam cooking is preferred to be the healthiest mode of cooking. In the Indian kitchen, the most commonly liked and savored foods are prepared with steam kitchen equipment.

These appliances are the revenue generators of restaurants, canteens, hotels, and wedding halls. Though the change in food patterns is common, the demand for traditionally cooked foods has never been in the fall.

The liking for steam-cooked foods is still in existence. Rice, idly, dal, and other cereals are foods prepared using steam cooking.

Steam kitchen equipment can never be replaced in the food industry. Hence, we can conclude that the market potential for the food service industry is very promising.

The opportunity for starting a new venture and generating more profitability is great. Simply put, if you're looking to invest in a business, then the food industry is the best choice for earning more income.


The investments are to be made meaningful. Preparing and serving delicious foods are the key factors to upscale business profits.

Establishing a restaurant/hotel as the people's favorite food service provider starts with offering healthy and tasty foods. The investment made in kitchen equipment has to be reliable and worthy.

The steam kitchen equipment equipped in the kitchen layout must be chosen carefully based on the foods planned to serve.

There are critical factors that are to be considered when selecting the kitchen equipment.

Let us jump into the context straight away.


High-Quality ranks at the top of the checklist when selecting commercial steam kitchen equipment. Quality food preparation is the mantra to increase brand value

The preparation of quality foods is assured with high-quality kitchen equipment. Compromising on the quality parameters reflects on the outcome of the foods prepared.

Quality ensures hygienic food preparation. When heating the kitchen equipment, the materials heated should not affect the foods prepared.

Ensure the materials preferred in the manufacturing of steam equipment are of the highest grade.


The durability of the kitchen equipment adds value to the investment and ROI. The durability assures the long run of the equipment incurring very less maintenance.

Purchasing steam equipment is quite costly, and it is a one-time investment. The replacement of old with new equipment has to be done once in a while in order to minimize the repetitive purchase and optimize the bottom line.

The durability of a kitchen appliance can be valued in terms of daily wear and tear, low maintenance, lower operating costs, and delivering consistent cooking performance without any functional drop.

End-to-end Layout

The process involved in the food preparation relies on the subsequent kitchen equipment for the complete cooking procedure.

The steam equipment of different brands equipped in the kitchen layout may or may not lead to cooking inefficiency. In the food industry, all it matters is the taste and flavors.

Choosing different branded kitchen appliances affects the food taste. It is recommended to prefer the same brand of different kitchen equipment.

The end-to-end kitchen layout benefits with cost-effectiveness and after-sales support.

Corrosion Resistance

Anti-corrosion is an essential factor to consider when choosing steam kitchen equipment. Water is the basic resource of food preparation.

The materials preferred in the kitchen equipment must be corrosion-resistant. Typically, rust formation develops in the long run of the equipment.

Rust development affects food quality and hygiene. Make sure that when selecting the commercial kitchen appliance, it is featured with anti-corrosion properties.

Food Grade

During the food preparation process, the inner core material used to fabricate kitchen equipment has direct contact with the vegetables and foods.

The materials influence the food quality and tastes. It is recommended to select commercial cooking equipment made of food-grade materials.

It ensures safe and hygienic cooking. At present, Stainless Steel with food grade is the most common material used in the manufacturing of steam cooking equipment.

Type of Cooking

Electric Cooking and Gas cooking are the most commonly practiced cooking method in the food industry. The cooking time differs with the cooking type.

Depending on the kitchen layout and food preparation requirements, select the kitchen equipment of the cooking type that fulfills your requirements.

In most restaurants, electric cooking equipment and gas cooking equipment are equipped parallelly, improving cooking efficiency and increasing cost-effectiveness.

Also, keeping an eye on the equipment capacity reflects on the cooking throughput, on-time food preparation, and delivery.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article finds you well in knowing more about the insights in selecting commercial steam cooking equipment. If you're looking to start a new food chain venture/restaurant/hotel, then consider the above discussion to make the best investment. Srihari Kitchen Equipments is one of the prominent manufacturers of cooking equipment, offering top-class end-to-end solutions that assist you in increasing your bottom line. Please visit Sri Hari Kitchen Equipments for more information.

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