Essential Guide to Planning a Kitchen Layout with Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Oct 2023

Essential Guide to Planning a Kitchen Layout with Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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  • 18/10/2023

Typically, the initial investment required to open a brand-new restaurant is huge. The kitchen equipment values are greater than the interior design, furniture, and rent. Hence, choosing the type of equipment plays a significant role in uplifting the bottom line.

Incorporating the commercial kitchen space with essential kitchen accessories is the primary step to be taken by the service providers.

Keeping the buffer time very short increases customer satisfaction. This can be ensured with the type of kitchen equipment used by the chefs in the kitchen. Hence, the menu and kitchen equipment should be considered parallel to elevate the bottom line.

This article is penned for you to share information about the most demanding commercial accessories. Let us jump straight away into the context.

Gas Ranges

Gas Ranges are the basic kitchen equipment that determines the overall cooking time. The greater the cooking time, the lower the customer satisfaction.

Ensuring the number of burners within the gas range enables faster cooking. The size, features and capacity should be chosen holistically to eliminate the futuristic possibilities of kitchen space constraints that generally populate when other types of accessories are equipped.

Food Processors

Currently, Food Processors occupy a demanding place in the kitchen space. This equipment enables the chef to limit the time involved in the food preparation.

Compared to manual, food processors have significantly benefitted restaurant/hotel owners in reducing the need for human resources to prepare the food. These machines can operate continuously, which provides great leverage to the chefs.

Also, the quality and consistency of the food preparation can be maintained throughout the cooking process.


The capacity of a commercial refrigerator is the impacting factor for choosing the type and variant of the machine.

Every kitchen space has a dedicated spot for a fridge to store vegetables and meat that are preferred in the food preparation for the entire day.

The minimum and maximum freezing temperatures have to be noted as they show their influence in holding up the quality of foods.

Steam Equipment

It is impossible to find a restaurant without commercial steam equipment in India. The commercial kitchen range is always featured with equipment such as a steam boiler, rice vessel, dhal vessel, milk vessel, and idly cooker.

Compromising any of the mentioned accessories leads to a greater loss in customer footfall as it might not satisfy the food they demand.

Bain Marie

Bain Marie is a commercial kitchen equipment that serves the best functionality of storing and maintaining food freshness. The dependencies for Bain Marie differ with restaurants.

It is advisable to choose this kitchen equipment if the service provider offers their services to a large customer base.

But, if the expected and prevailing customer base is smaller, keeping a futuristic plan for Bain Marie in the commercial kitchen space design planning is suggested.

Operating Cost

For any restaurant/hotel, the main objective is reducing expenses and operating costs. The price of kitchen equipment can be estimated depending on the brand and specification.

The kitchen layout must fit the type of equipment. In some conditions, it is very much necessary to plan the kitchen where the advanced specification of the commercial kitchen equipment greatly requires specific working environmental conditions.


The kitchen equipment has to enable better workability for the chefs with the adjustment buttons and other semi-automatic options to minimize the cooking and preparation time.

The dimension of the commercial kitchen equipment has to fit in with the available space for a better walkthrough when operating the equipment.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article has provided you with useful information. It doesn't mean that spending more capital gives higher returns. You're investing for the brand and not for the equipment. Srihari Kitchen Equipment is one of the Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers, offering end-to-end kitchen equipment at the best competitive price with the best quality, delivering its function for a long-lasting period.

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